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· Narration I remember the first time I ever picked up a baseball was when I was 4 years old. From that first moment I knew I wanted to play baseball. I started playing baseball at the young age of 6. I started out playing t-bal for the local base team. I grew to love the sport as I went on in life working my way through little league all the way up to high school ball. I became what is known as a natural. I made all star teams ever year. We traveled all over the world beating teams and losing to teams. After all my successful years in the states my dreams of playing ball where shot down like a bird in the sky. We were to move to Germany. I thought my ball life would be over forever but it turns out it wasn't. One day in my new school (Afnorth) an announcement was made saying baseball tryouts were today after school.

So it was then that I decided to start playing baseball once again. Even tough I was good back in the states I still had doubts about rather or not I could play with the same intensity as I did back in the states. It took me a while to get my skill back, but I did. There is no better feeling than when you accomplish a goal you have worked so hard to achieve.