Being a Prisoner

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Nowadays, groups of people who are different in terms of race and social status are connected together in one huge city. Since people depend on the latest technology and information for work or other purposes, the time invested in electronic communication allows greater global connection globe wide. However, we tend to exclude a number of people who are abandoned from the rest of us, and they are the prisoners. They are being kept away from the rest of the society and with freedom taken away from them. Imagine being locked up into a small tiny place where you don't see blue sky or shinny starts at night, but dull brick walls and smelly socks from your surrounding; that is how a person would feel to be a prisoner. Most of the time, the word prisoner does not come across our mind in our daily life. Many people think that prisoners have done something that is wrong to they deserve to be locked up in prison and sacrifice their freedom.

It is true for the fact that prisoners should deserve jail time for the crime they commit, but actually many of them are in the stage where they are just hoping if someone can just give them a chance to start a new life. Prisoners might not continue to commit crime for the rest of their lives. Being in jail allows them to go through self-discipline. Prisoners need encouragement more than anyone else. They are similar to normal people who have not committed crimes, because they require the same support as most people do.