Belonging HSC Immigrant Chronical by Felix Skyrznecki

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Feelings of security are often experienced when one truly belongs. To belong satisfies the primitive human survival instinct of safety in numbers. To feel accepted and welcomed strengthens the bond between people. This simple connection, whether it is to a place, literature, art or a person is desired by all humans, when this emotional or physical connection is fulfilled, feelings of contentment and self satisfaction are experienced. Having doubts about or lacking elements to this connection, can have devastating effects on a person's physical and mental health. Doubts and fears turn into suspicions which, in an already troubled mind can lead to paranoia; this in turn can cause feelings of rejection and isolation. All alluding to person feeling vulnerable and insecure.

An individual's sense of self can be affected by the place in which they were raised, these aspects are explored through the controversial upbringing, portrayed in the poems written by poet Peter Skrzynecki from Immigrant Chronicle.

Skrzynecki's poems all convey a sense of belonging to place and self discovery, however these aspects are best explored through the contrasting aspects of belonging, portrayed in the poems 10 Mary Street and Saint Pats Collage.

The poem Saint Pats explores how isolated and alone a person can feel when they are in an unfamiliar environment, where they believe they are not welcome. This is made evident in the lines ' our lady watched with arms outstretched/her face overshadowed by clouds' the seemingly welcoming gesture of 'outstretched arms' is juxtaposed with 'her face over shadowed by clouds' giving the reader a sense of foreboding. This coupled with pathetic fallacy accentuates feelings of unease. These feelings avn lead to a person feeling uncomfortable and by extension, insecure. The fear of not fitting into your surroundings can affect how sociable you...