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The Dollmaker

This novel, The Dollmaker, showed how families had to live during World War II. This book focused in on a family from the mountains of Kentucky. The main characters were Gertie, Clovis, their kids, and Gertie's parents. The war forced them to move to the city of Detroit where Clovis served the army by working in a factory. This was the only way he could make money, so he asked the rest of the family to move up there with him.

Furthermore, this book had some very shocking parts. The part that was the most memorable was when Gertie's daughter, Cassie, was run over by a train. It all started when Gertie argued to Cassie that she was too old for an imaginary friend now, and Gertie ordered here to go out and play with the other children. Cassie did so, but she went into the railroad yard to play.

Cassie picked a spot that was right under a train car, and she started talking to "Callie Lou" her imaginary friend. What she didn't know was a train was coming and was headed right for the single train cart. Cassie was positioned with her legs hanging over the track. When the train came to connect with the single train cart it pushed the cart over Cassie's legs. It chopped them off easily. Cassie would later die from excessive blood loss. This was the most memorable part of the story because it was the most tragic of all the tragic events.

In this novel, Gertie had many conflicts. In my opinion, her greatest conflict was with Clovis. I think this way because Clovis was always telling her what to do, but she always wanted different. There was a conflict because Gertie hardly ever found any joyful times...