Book Report: Mice And Men by John Steinbeck

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Brief description of all the sets;

*Salinas river~ A few miles south of Soledad. Woods with a path along the river. Lots of trees and ash piles. Which made the leaves whistle along the water of the river at night.

*Bunk house~ Eight bunks all lined up against the white painted walls. An apple box card table in the center of the room, and boxes that were used as seats scattered on the unpainted floor. The floor was also littered with playing cards.

*Susie's Bar~ On the ranch, where the guys go to drink. I imagine this set to be an old looking bar, with wooden walls and cracked floorboards. With all kinds of alcohol for the men to drink scattered everywhere, along a long wooden table where the guys gather around sitting on boxes as chairs.

*The men's dream house~ A little flat iron stove in the kitchen, with lots of food to eat.

A large windmill out front. They each have their own room and an extra bunk for visitors.

*Barn~ Cracked wooden walls and floorboards, with a horseshoe game at one end. Dusky air, and the silence of the barn made the voices of clangs louder than normal. A packing box where the puppies laid near the hay door.

*Harness room~ A little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn. With a harness hung by the four paned window.

*End of the barn~ Hay is piled high. Hanging over it was the four-talon Jackson fork that suspended from its pulley. The hay came down like a mountain slope to the other end of the barn. The level ground was yet unfilled with the new crops.

Brief physical description of the characters;

*Lennie~ Huge man, with pale eyes, about 6 feet tall and weighs...