Business Analyst vs. Financial Analyst.

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Business Analyst vs. Financial Analyst

Analyst is an essential job in our society. They make analyses to help people figure out problems, and point out a positive way to solve problems. Analysts almost apply in every different professional area, such as political analyst, military analyst, and economic analyst. They analysis all information with their professional knowledge, and then translate a certain language which everybody can understand easily. For example, social analyst can use their knowledge to analyze current social problems and provide a useful analysis to government or city hall. Then, people can understand what happen to their society. Therefore, analyst is a necessary job for our society.

For business corporations and companies, there are two important analysts for them. They are business and financial analysts. Many people, including employers and employees, don't know what these two analysts are exactly, and what different between them. However, they do exist, and they do help a corporation or company become more efficient and profitable.

In other words, they play important roles in business activities. In general term, business and financial analysts have different definition for their position, different working area, and different training path, but they have the same goal--to help users have better business condition.

According to Julia Scholz, who is a successful business analyst, she said a business analyst is like a "road trip planner", helping people plan their map and route (P.1). She says, "a BA will help a user determine their wants, focus on a destination or desired outcome, outline possible 'maps' of how to get there" (P.1). Simply, business analyst is a communicator or translator to translate what employer wants to their employee. They gather all information from boss, employee, and outside world, and plan an efficient way to achieve their goal. It is not easy to...