The Captain and His World- Jaques Cousteau

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This book is the story of Jacques Cousteau, a marine biologist who brought us closer and educated people about the ocean. He has invented countless items including the aqua lung which was the first type of scuba gear, allowing divers to stay underwater for longer periods of time.

Jacques was born in Paris on June 11, 1910 and grew up during the time up world war one. From the time he was little he loved the water, he loved the feel of it going through his fingers. His favorite books were often about tales of pirates and divers. In school, he became particularly interested in engineering. When he was eleven he borrowed the blueprints for a 200 ton floating crane and made a model. He had added some special features which the engineers later added to the actual crane. Jacques also demonstrated a talent for writing, when he was thirteen he wrote a book entitled An Adventure in Mexico.

At the age of sixteen he made his first film. After he got out of school the second world war began and he enlisted in the navy, he was a good soldier and had learned how to fly a plane, but do to a car accident six years later, he was unable to fly ever again. He was then appointed the job of removing underwater mines, and it was there he began to go on underwater expeditions. From there he discovered countless creatures and visited many places, but he never lost his love for animals and the sea. He founded many environmental groups to make sure that after he was gone the creatures he loved so dearly were taken care of.

During all of his hard times Jacques relied on his mother, she was the glue that kept their family...