A Chance to Save

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A Chance to Save

The air of a cool summer night brushed my hair as my friend Greg and I made our way through the night. He's tall and skinny but has a fearless mannerism about him. I, on the other hand, am a little over weight and strong, but always nervous about getting in trouble. We were both going to be sophomores in September and could not wait.

The stars that night shone bright, and they gave us the light we needed as we made out way off my back porch. Greg and I had been planning this night for a while now, and we had it all figured out. There was only one factor to worry about, though. What if we were caught? Thinking about getting caught we made up excuses if it happened. We headed towards the grave yard with a feeling of untouchableness. I felt as though some of Greg's mannerisms wore off on me.

We walked down my street until we came to the rise of a hill which was the approach to an abandoned private drive that lead to the grave yard. I had been down this path before during the day, but at night it was much different. We approached the gate which stopped cars from using the road as a cut through. It was old and easy to get by. All we did was crawl between two of the bars. "Grrrr, GRRR, Ruff, Ruff, Bark."

"Run Greg, Run" I yelled at Greg with a nervous tone in my voice. He took off sprinting and didn't stop until he realized that I was not with him. As I caught up to him, I couldn't stop laughing. All the "Grrr's, Ruff's" and "Bark's" were from these three fenced dogs whose owner's back yard came...