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Running Head: Managing Change and Organisational Innovation

Managing Change and Organisational Innovation

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Managing Change and Organisational Innovation


The oxford dictionary defines change simply as "make or become different". In essence change if the movement from one situation to another, whether deemed positive or not. The way in which this change is managed and implemented especially in the work place has become more important in recent times where change is needed at almost a constant rate because of the pace of the world around us. (Appelbaum et al 1998 289-301)

Culture is omnipresent in every organisation. However, employees and even management, rarely consider the powerful impact of culture in their decision-making process, as it is so well absorbed in its participants, that it is rarely noticed until new strategies or programs are to be implemented.

(Chaharbaghi and Willis 1998 1017-27) Organisational culture can be pictured as an iceberg. The "tip of the iceberg", or the "surface" of culture are the visible artefacts and observable behaviours, for example the way people dress, acts and the symbols, language, ceremonies the members share. These elements however reflect only a small part of a deeper body of the organisation's culture. (Cao et al 2000 186-93)

The determinants of strategic change

To be productive transformation administration, a business desires to be prepared for incessant change of out-of-doors and furthermore interior circumstances. The components which lead to strategic change in administration are categorized as external environment, encompassing competitor's action, governmental guideline, trade constraint, financial position, information technology accelerate and market infrastructure: for example accessibility and cost of provide (Appelbaum et al., 1998); (Brock et al., 2005); (Douglas and Wind, 2001) and interior environment encompassing new dream and procedure, conveying new technology...