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Once there lived a herd of buffalo that roamed wild and free in the Salt Lake City valley the people of Utah County greatly valued the buffalo for their wisdom and the usefulness. They always knew where to find food and water and were very strong and powerful animals. The buffalo's leavings were used as fuel for fires. One day the chief of the tribe, chief Okamowwow, stated that if the buffalo were so wise all the way through if they ate the buffalo wouldn't they become wise also? So the people began hunting and eating the buffalo with hopes of becoming more wise.

Months later a lot of the buffalo had been killed, they were becoming extinct. The buffalo were sad that they were diminishing, so they began to run away when the people would come to hunt them. They would run in circles over and over again. After awhile they began to wear the ground, a huge ditch was being formed.

There were only a couple places where the ground was still completely raised up.

The people would still occasionally catch a buffalo and kill it. The buffalo were very sad. So the remaining buffalo of the herd began to cry nonstop. They were standing on one of the two parts of the area that were still raised up from not being too trampled on. After crying for so long the ditch began to slowly fill. The people, afraid of drowning, ran to the ditches edge where they could still see the island. It was very far away yet they could still see the buffalo crying out their sorrow. The ditch slowly filled creating a lake, although to the people it looked like a huge sea.

The people felt bad for what they had done so the chief...