Children Our The Future

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Hello my name is Steve and today I will be telling you why I believe the children our the future. I feel that we should teach them well and help them lead the way. If we do this the world will be a much better place to live in. There are many ways that this can be accomplished. The first thing that should be done has to be discipline by the parents of today. Parents need to spend more time and take more of an active role in their child's life and not allow them not to have any responsibility. Many kids act the way the way they do because of a lack of discipline from their parents. Other ways is to not allow kids to be around violent acts. This would include violent movies, music, or video games. Many of the crimes committed by kids are because of the images and messages that are included in these types of entertainment.

Instead of the kids seeing all the bad things in the world, we should show them all the beauty they possess inside. From childhood kids should be told how much they are loved and appreciated. If a child only hears negativity then he is more likely to do negative things. Kids should also focus more on their schoolwork. If they view education as a positive thing, then the world would be filled with intelligent people and there would be less financial problems in the world. Former All-Pro running back Bo Jackson stated in the 92 issue of Sports Illustrated that " When I was in school the only thing you had to fear was getting a bad grade in your classes. Now you can't even walk down the hall being a 100 % sure that you are not going to be harmed". This was not the only comment made about kids of today. If we want the world to be a better place for you and me and the entire human race then we need to start by teaching our kids valuable lessons. New York Post writer William Davis stated " These kids today have no moral values. All they care about is how they look. They are more concerned with whats on their head instead of what's in their head. I feel sorry for the world". These types of comments are part of the reasons why kids today have the no care attitude.

Many say that there is no hope for the youth but the truth is that there is no hope for the future. We have all the money in the world wars but we still can't feed the poor. I think that if kids go to school get a good education, graduate and get a good job that they can be successful and be an asset to society. If this does not happen then there will not be any hope for the future. I feel that if you start early by getting the kids involved in positive things, then most likely positive things will take place.

Association is another problem for kids of today. Many kids associate with people who they are not going to benefit from. They hang out with a certain crowd and do bad things to fit in. If the kids would associate themselves with people that are about something and have a bright future then they would most likely want to be like that person. Parents should not allow their children to hang around with kids who can only get them in trouble. If we do not instill values in these kids then the world will be a full of problems in the future. If all the things mentioned take place soon then I do see good things for the world. This is why I believe that children our the future.