Communication and collaboration of different learning styles and personality traits

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Ever tried to teach someone something that was quite simple, yet they failed to grasp the basic concept? Or found that others were able to grasp that same concept rather quickly?Has there ever been a time when some personalities in a group are out going, while others fade to the back. If yes was said to any of the above then what might have been experienced is a difference in learning styles as well as personalities. A learning style is the preferred way in which an individual learns, three common styles of learning are; visual, auditory and kinesthetic (hands on).Personality type is a bit different; it has been classified as the organized pattern of behavioral characteristic of an individual , such as the organizer, the giver and the thinker. By exploring what effect learning preferences and personality types have on individuals in a group; these preferences can be effectively used in combination to develop strategies for communication within that group.

Visual learners learn best by seeing information they use pictures, images and color media to help them learn. Characteristics of those who are visual learners is that they think in images not in words, they also look for visual depictions of information(Sharp 1998).These types of learners though they remember what they see they forget what they hear; those that remember details of what they hear can be labeled as auditory learners.

Auditory learners are on the opposite side of the spectrum; they learn best by hearing information, they usually can remember information better when the information is orally presented to them. Auditory learners can also remember details they hear during conversations or lectures quite accurately. They have a good sense of pitch and rhythm and like to learn using sound and music. Though they have this keen sense of sound,