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Comparative Analysis Emily and Jewel As I Look at the lives and poetic works of both Emily Dickinson and Jewel Kilcher, I feel that they share many beliefs and values. Their poetry sings of Isolation and hope, as did their lives.

Jewel's life growing up seemed lonely. She lived on a large Alaskan homestead, without modern conveniences and without many people around. This isolation gave her the time and inspiration to develop into a great poet.

Her poetry reflects her isolation, yet has a hint of hope and belief. The poem " As a Child I Walked" quickly reveals her lonely childhood and gives us proof of her religious beliefs.

Emily also led a very desolate life. Living in Massachusetts, she rarely left her home, and had very little contact with others. The few people that she did come into contact with, had a great impact on her work "“ as did her almost continual isolation.

Emily's poetry, like Jewel's, speaks loudly of isolation and religion. Her poem (324) paints an image of Emily's solitude, and her belief in the church and that heaven is all around us all the time.

Both women have had hard, lonely lives and yet it seem that their beliefs in all that is good and beautiful is strong. Their works tell me that they hold a warm and loving nature, which somehow became expressible during their lives of solitude.