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The basic foundation of any organization is the mission statement. This statement illustrates what the company is now and defines the basic concepts of business in the aspects of which companies they will be doing business with and the quality of their work. The motivation factor is the vision statement which illustrates what the company wishes to become and provides educated decision methods. Organizations all must live by codes or standards in which they will conduct business. The value of Just Like New Interior Specialists are above any of their competitors because the clients are the number one focus by conducting ethical business and maintaining a high level of awareness. The basic principles of each of these concepts will allow the company to grow to great extents with little to no setbacks. Conducting ethical business and keeping the clients expectations high will lead to better service which will lead to more profit for the company.

Mission StatementJust Like New Interior Specialist is a relatively small organization, which employees six individuals at this point in time. The basic location of business operations is Northeast Ohio. With three repair technicians, each responsible for 9 dealerships and one furniture store, in place to repair a minimum of 800 dollars per day in revenue the number of hours required per day will range from 7-10 hours and a major portion of their income will come from auto dealerships. The number one target marker it used car dealerships will high turnover in their used selection to maintain the minimum of 800 dollars per day. The furniture repair will mainly focus on leather repairs and cigarette burns in other materials. Each repair will be treated like it is the most difficult repair on a million dollar vehicle to ensure the highest of quality in the repair...