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Bruce Dawe's perspectives towards consumerism are negative, exploiting, corrupting, and influential. The study of Dawe's poems 'breakthrough', "˜televistas' and "˜Enter without so much as knocking' effectively shape the meaning and understanding of consumerism. The different techniques present in the poems have given clear and vivid perspectives of the negative influential aspects of consumerism. The study of supplementary materials has also supported the understanding of Bruce Dawe's perspectives and concept of consumerism.

Breakthrough is a science term that usually suggests success and hope. But in the poem "˜Breakthrough', Dawe has utilized the term as a satire to criticize the modern society. Dawe suggested that the society has been blinded and influenced by advertisements and the media, that commercialism has resulted in materialism. The values in the society have been corrupted by materialism in the form of commercialism. The poem is mainly set on the idea of exploitation of an innocent little girl in hospital.

"with all the sales appeal of infancy" suggests that the little has been used to advertise and has been exploited by media, and the exploitation has carried on to her death.

Dawe has utilized parody in the first stanza to highlight the influence of media. In conjunction with the advertising jargon phrase "angels backed up by guitars", the idea of no real understanding of life and religion has been advertised. The only significance is to sell the products whether it is needed or ethical. The repetition of the entire advertising jargon "The storm out"¦ commercial products are now plugged by pain." Is used in the poem to criticize the idea of the society given up religion and seek comfort by turning to material things.

The supplementary material "˜coming to a sky near you' is a letter by Greg Fern, from the Daily Telegraph published on...