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IntroductionSuccessful businesses venturing into foreign markets establish a Country Risk and Strategic Planning outline to ensure potential problems are addressed to prevent such failures. In our paper, we discuss the country risk analysis of Canada. We expect O2 Inc. to grow into a global business. O2 Inc. will offer fresh oxygen for customers to relax and help improve their health. The paper analyzes how we will break down risks for introducing our product to Canada into different sections of political, market risk, supply risk and NAFTA. Suggestions include various strategies to manage those risks, clarification of company objectives, and strategize implementation allowing O2 Inc. a successful business product integration.

Political/Legal/Regulatory RisksIn researching for our proposed business venture, we have conducted various risk analysis for O2 Inc. which included political regulatory, repatriation of funds, taxation, and marketing risks. Our political and regulatory risk analysis findings opposed the sales and use of our product.

Both the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists and medical doctors opposed the use of oxygen for recreation or personal use. "The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists strongly rejects both the unregulated use of oxygen in 'oxygen bars' and use by those who do not require oxygen to improve their physiological status." In fact, "the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists strongly advocates stringent regulations of this industry" (Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists [CSRT], n.d.). The latter of the two oppositions, countered our position on oxygen as a health conscientious product by referring to pure oxygen as a "sham." Pure oxygen, they say, does nothing to cleanse your body and can be harmful - particularly for people with severe lung diseases like emphysema" (, n.d.).

Exchange and Repatriation of Funds/Competitive RisksThe findings from our repatriation risk analysis were a bit more favorable than of our previous analysis. Research shows...