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China's pet population has grown by a remarkable 20% in five years (Zhuang, 2005). Pet Accessories has been highly successful in the United States and has decided to expand into the world market. Pet Accessories chose China to be the first country to offer the products and services that has been so successful in the United States. Pet Accessories will; continue to offer online shopping, veterinary services, pet grooming, and will fine-tune the services offered in order to fit the China culture. In order to be successful in the entry to China's economy Pet Accessories conducted a Country Risk Analysis and Strategic Plan with the following results.

Political/legal/regulatory risksChina is known for their rich culture and ancient rituals that still exist today. The Chinese hold their beliefs close to their heart and hardly let anything affect their outlook on life. The same holds true in business. Although there are many benefits and potential for growth in China, there will also be some challenges.

China is home to extreme cultural and political views. They are traditionalists that rely heavily on the teaching and views of their ancestors. This can present conflicting interests with the rapid growth in international business in today's Chinese market. The pet population on mainland China is one of the fastest developing areas for business today. Bringing in an outside business to meet the needs of this growth should be welcomed by the government. People all over the world are affectionate towards their animals, and China is now starting to develop a love for keeping and nurturing domestic animals. The pet store chain that we integrate into China should not encounter any major political obstacles.

Recently, Wal-Mart had attacked the Chinese for a pet chew toy that was being mass produced and sold to Wal-Marts world wide. These...