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I have chosen to write about myself for I think I am creative in my own humble little way.

Creativity is seeing the same situations others do but putting an individual twist on the outcome or circumstances surrounding it. The Navy's Seabees have a "can do" motto which exemplifies creativity. "You probably will not have the resources available so you must think out-side the box to accomplish the job". Most people attempt to accomplish their duties and obligations in a timely manner. "Your assignment is to be emailed to me by Friday, the 27th of February," my unseen professor demanded in her syllabus.

Well, let us put this situation in my perspective. I am a very, very busy person, the first class is Tuesday evening (March 3), my only day off between my last class and this newly scheduled class is Sunday. I have been working fourteen-hour days and I am tired.

It is only Saturday evening (February 28), "I'll do it tomorrow after the newspaper and church", and I tell myself. I am a master procrastinator and proud of it. Anyone can schedule their time to accomplish their tasks in a timely manner but it takes a truly creative person to convince himself or herself there is another time zone in which the innovative juices flow.

I've heard all the warnings: "Don't wait until the last minute"; "Procrastination is a thief of time, learn to manage time, don't let time manage you."

I work well under pressure. I always seem to put things off until there is only a minimum of time left. By practicing the fine art of procrastination, I have learned things that others over look. On many occasions, after putting off domestic duties like mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, taking out the garbage, etc.