Creative short (farmer and fish)

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The horse in a farm played with matches and lit hay on fire, the fire went out of control and burnt down the farm. The farmer soon loses his whole life style. And all the other animals hate the horse.

There is a fish who wants to see fire so bad but he can't because he's in the water.

In the old ages of England, there lived a colt in a barn full of animals. The barn was on a pond, which was owned by the farmer.

The horse was very young and full of energy. We was the favorite of the barn animals because he was always fun to play with.

One day he found a mysterious box in his bucket of food. It was a very small cardboard box with dark sides. It was slightly opened and he managed to pull out the inside box out. The horse had never seen anything like this before, but he remembered the dog speaking of something like this before.

He had told the barn animals that the farmer used this small box to make a fire, which would make smoke come from a "cigarette." These "cigarettes" would be used by the farmer every once in a while, while he sat on the soft chair. The dog also told the animals that the man would use the small sticks that were inside the box to strike against the sides of the biggest box. The horse decided to try to make fire on these sticks. He managed to use his long tongue to pull out a stick with which he rubbed against a side of the box. However this was the plain side without the needed wax so nothing happened. The horse just broke the match. On his next try he got...