Creative short story about Aliens

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Mardi Gras saved Toorie

Slito had been sitting in the same chair for hours, zoned out staring into the huge orange ball that illuminated his land; his land had been deemed Toorie. Slito himself was a tall, slender Toorian; he had strikingly attractive features and a domineering presence. Slito had probing green eyes; the type of eyes that could see inside of one's soul to their inner most workings. This gave him a huge advantage in any interaction for he could see through anyone to what was really going on inside them. He was the only of all Toorian's to have this ability, or of anyone as far as the Toorian's were concerned. Slito's deep green probing eyes were undoubtedly the reason for his rise into the political power of Toorie. There was one thing sure Slito was not to be reckoned with especially during his problematic times, such as now.

Jason awoke at around noon, like always, to the scorching New Orleans heat ready to do what he did everyday--nothing. Jason was pretty much the Average Joe: six foot, 185 and brown hair. For the most part Jason's life had been nothing but an embarrassment. He was not 23, however before graduating high school he had been kicked out of five schools. In fact, it was somewhat of a miracle that he graduated. It was quite the task for his parents to continue to find schools that would accept him. After his upsetting high school career, especially to his Father, he went on to the local community college, which like high school did not work out too well. Jason felt like today was a good day Mardi Gras started today, maybe he was going to find 20 $. If only Jason knew he was in for...