Creative writing about a created cartoon character: Cottoncandy

Essay by cowcowie April 2006

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There was a farm in a peaceful countryside. There lived many creatures of all combinations.

One day, one of the creatures, CottonCandy was bored of the life style in the farm and decided to explore the world outside. The eagle heard CottonCandy's plan and warned her, "It's dangerous and complicated outside. No place is better than the farm here." "But I can't stand this place anymore!" said CottonCandy and she left. She began her journey.

As CottonCandy got closer to the city, she got more excited. She saw neon lights and cars. She also heard laughter. By the time CottonCandy arrived, she was starving. She approached a restaurant and entered. She ordered couple delicious dishes but when she was about to eat them, she struggled with the chopsticks. She finally dived her face into the dishes and ate the food. Soon the shop owner told her to leave rudely because of her dirty eating manners.

She was shocked by the treatment. However, she was still excited and strolled around the city. As she was walking, other creatures bumped into her and pushed her. Some kids even laughed and teased her. She felt depressed and exhausted. She took a rest by the sidewalk. As she was falling deeper and deeper asleep, she heard squeaking noises and tiny footsteps. She then woke up when she found rats biting her feet and cockroaches crawling through her fur. She became hysteric and frightened. She screamed and ran all the way back to the farm.

Eagle saw CottonCandy running back and said, "Didn't I tell you that the city is scary?" "No, I was just surprised by the difference. Next time I'll bring bug's spray!"