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With the ICC KnockOut win in Nairobi, the lesson was well and truly rammed home that players are only as good as their last game, the CLEAR black caps came down to earth when they meet Sri Lanka at home, in the 2000,01 National bank series. They were looking at a 5-0 whitewash, but fought back on the last match to win. Now the CLEAR black Caps are going to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, New Zealand have played 9 tests, with New Zealand winning 3, Sri Lanka winning 3, and 3 been drawn. In total New Zealand and Sri Lanka have only played 18 tests. 7 tests have been won by New Zealand, 4 won by Sri Lanka, and 7 been drawn. Hopefully New Zealand can continue this excellent record.

The last time these two teams played was in New Zealand, when the CLEAR Black Caps won the ODIS 3-2, and tried the test 1-1.

With both teams having had injured players, no team had an advantage. In the past New Zealand has played Pakistan in 19 test, in New Zealand. New Zealand has won 3 times, and lost 6 times, 10 were drawn. In Pakistan New Zealand have played 20 tests, winning only 2, losing 12, and drawing 6. In total, these two teams have played 39 tests, with New Zealand winning 5, Pakistan winning 18 and both teams drawing 16. Pakistan will be looking to add to the winning section of the history books. And there is a chance they with there exciting bowling attack (which is rated the best in the game). Can New Zealand break this dominance which Pakistan have on them at home.

In the last 24 months our premier sports teams have taken an emotional bettering at the hands of Australians. They beat us to the Rugby World Cup, they beat us at the World Netball Champs.

And now the CLEAR black caps are going to Australia in November to face the world champions.

The black caps will be playing 3 test and 5 ODIS all over Australia. Australia and New Zealand had played one another thirty-six times in Tests. Over a period, which has spanned fifty-two years, the record stands at Sixteen Australian wins, seven New Zealand wins, and thirteen draws. As one would probably expect in view of the enduring and combative nature of the rivalry that exists between the two countries, it has been a history, which has featured some memorable moments and encounters.