Crime and Punishment -- Discuss the Nture of Sonja's Goodness

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Sonja's goodness towards Roskolnikov was something that was nonetheless from the female sex. Her goodness was something natural and was meant to happen. Sonja seems to be the principle of what Dostoyevsky was looking to portray in her characteristic feelings. She seems to be the essence of all goodness through Roskolnikov's being. The love that she depicts is something that Roskolnikov considered necessary to go through with his life after he had killed. She was a person that tried to guild Roskolnikov, despite her situations with prostitution, but she had to do what she needed to do to survive. She is in fact a person you could not judge, from her outside appearance. But how could someone in her position look so insignificant from the outside and actually have the power to change someone's life for the better? With the intention of that question, it's something to ponder.

Roskolnikov didn't take use of Sonja's camaraderie towards him, and use the excellent intellectual and positive assistance to the fullest extent and for that he suffered. She was women who pursued the best for Roskolnikov and for nothing in retune. We should say that if Roskolnikov did what Sonja said then he would be on his way to repentances. In addition on account of Roskolnikov insubordination he is evil because he did not comply with what Sonja had said. Furthermore, women need to guide men, and in this novel Dostoyevsky tried to emphasize this point. Men do not seem to have that same connecting perceptive wisdom of intuition as a woman; this backs the quote "A Women's intuition". Dostoyevsky describes Roskolnikov as having white long eyelashes which come from his famine side moreover it shows the women inside him and the compassion he withholds. Roskolnikov is very close and very...