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Critical thinking is basically using the applied skills to analyze information to differentiate between opinion and truth. A person has to have the skills to see and base decisions on facts in order to be an effective critical thinker. On a daily basis each and every person almost has to use their critical thinking skills in day to day life. Because of the importance and benefits of critical thinking each situation we are faced with should be analyzed more carefully to ensure the outcome of their decisions.

Critical thinking also assists in the process of becoming better thinkers and aids in making better decisions. All necessary information must be compiled in order to filter personal opinions and fact rationally. Information that is based on evidence to determine the best solution is considered being rational. According to Novelli (1992) "Critical thinking facilitates casting problems in ways that point to non-obvious solutions.

It facilitates illuminating poor choices based on prejudice or on erroneous presupposition. It highlights various aspects of a situation and causes us to ignore or downplay other aspects. It aids us in sense making"(p. 181). Making decisions based on anything else other than facts and rationality can end in negative consequences.

An example of critical thinking in an individual's personal life may be the decision of whether or not to buy a new home. As the economy gets tougher, making large purchases requires critical thinking. A person will need to determine if the home that is being occupied now is no longer suitable for the family. Many factors exist that will need to be evaluated. For example: the expense, income, location, schools (if children are involved), and job security will need to be examined. This decision will need to have all involved participate in the process. Thinking through the...