Critical Thinking Application

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Describe Critical thinking is not an easy process. While doing the critical thinking application assignment I found that there is no unanimously accepted definition of critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the process of evaluating what other people say, write or do. Is the ability to distinguish the difference between statements based on fact, which is something that can be proven, and statements based on opinion, which is how a person feels or what he or she think is true, is very important to critical thinking. Sometimes decisions need to be made on problems that are not clear. In these circumstances, they need to step back and look at the situation with a broad perspective, gather as much info as possible, then analyze all aspects of the data to identify the problem and make decision.

I describe critical thinking as the process that one uses to gather information, validate information heard and read, get to the facts of an argument, and differentiate between facts and opinions.

I also see it as a method for analyzing someone's argument or position on certain topic and trying to find out if there are any fallacies in what he or she have said.

I used critical thinking in my career development process. I used it to investigate possibilities for me to advance in both of my work organization; the ARMY and for Medi Vax Services, a private pharmacist wholesaler distributorhere in PR, now I am retired. I used to set up meetings with leaders and use them as a mentor by shadowing them or using a process of informationinterviewing by asking the right questions to uncover future opportunities and to assess different work roles that best align with my skill set, values, and interest.

On December of 2003, my unit was mobilized and had to...