Critique Of David By Earle Birney

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There were many contrasts between the movie ¡§David¡¨ and the poem by Earle Birney. Although some of these contrasts were exceptional compared to the poem, most of the contrasts were horrible. For example, there were many discrepancies between the poem and the movie. When David reached out to steady Bobby, he sat down with his back to the ledge and then fell off because the ledge crumbled. In the poem, when David reached out to steady Bobby, his foothold crumbled, and that was how David fell. In the movie, after David fell, he was still able to move because he grabbed Bobby¡¦s arm. In the poem, David says, ¡§I can¡¦t move¡Kif only I felt some pain.¡¨ In the movie, they missed a very important part and overemphasized on another part. The part that they missed was when David and Bobby found the dead goat and knew for the first time that a mountain goat could slip.

I think that overemphasis was placed on the robin with its broken wing. Some scenes in the movie were very confusing. I didn¡¦t understand why they put in that part about David and Bobby going into town to buy boots because that had nothing to do with the plot. Also, when Bobby fell into the lake, I didn¡¦t understand why he was clutching his shoulder and running at the same time later on.

However, there were also some good things about the movie. The scenery and animals were pretty. The movie provided a visual of what it must have been like to climb mountains. It was also interesting that they showed how David and Bobby met while cutting trails. There was nothing about that in the poem. I liked how they had parts of the poem incorporated along with...