Daniel's Fortunate Misfortunes - The True Value of Family

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Daniel reluctantly bought another lottery ticket in bleak hopes of striking gold. He had just graduated from community college with an unresolved direction in life. Living in an old apartment struggling to pay bills, the 21-year-old worried relentlessly about his financial situation. His strict parents wanted him to learn a less about being an adult; therefore he could not seek help from them.

Daniel watched the random selection of the winning numbers on his 21-inch television set. The lottery ticket missed all of the numbers yet again. He plunged into a hopeless state of depression. His job as a supermarket clerk paid modestly, which only allowed him to purchase essential items. Lately, Daniel expressed bitter resentment and a general negative attitude towards other employees at his job. His manager quickly fired him.

The poor man had no job, which meant no money. That night, he thrashed about in his sleep.

At least when he had a job, he felt as if he could obtain a date with a woman. The dream of having a beautiful wife was one of the simple motivations that helped him try to tape his broken life together.

The next morning, he woke up and sat on the couch and stared at his aged television. Without a job or money, what else was there to do? He finally decided to drive his decrepit Subaru to someplace where jobs were possibly open. Daniel stalled at an intersection where he heeded the ominous sound of metallic explosions deep inside his old car’s engine. His car smoked and Daniel immediately exited the vehicle. Frustrated, he trudged toward an orphanage near the intersection.

When he arrived at the front door, he did not notice a Help Wanted sign. However, something compelled him to go inside. Perhaps it was the...