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I would rather be in an elevator with a 1000 egg & cheese farts than listen to The Darkness. These turds want to be like the band Queen so badly that the lead singer is doing everything in his power to become gay and get AIDs.

Just moments ago whilst I was pondering their seemingly limitless gayness, I asked my friend John how gay he thought they were and he answered "very gay".

I realize John is not a gayologist, but both he and I think they're ultra uber gay. In fact The Darkness is so gay that it's insulting to gay people to call The Darkness gay. I think it's best to invent a new term that accurately captures the suckyness The Darkness is cursed with.

Wandering in emptiness,

Wandering in pain.

Stumbling in confusion.

The Distant voices I try to contain.

The Horrible sting of deceit,

The Anger and Hate eats and peels at my skin,

Unpure hearts are leaking with disgust,

As the Voices start eating me within.

Listening to the horrible silence,

I hear an ominous wind,

Blowing slightly and slowly accross my body.

The wind is the voice of people who have sinned.

And thereforth, This is The Signature of Darkness.