'Dawn Shoot' by Seamus Heaney and 'Lake Scene' by David Wright

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Choose two texts by different writers which highlight a strong theme which you could identify. Name the theme and then go on to examine how the writers effectively highlight it for you.

Two texts by different authors which highlight a strong theme with which I could identify are 'Dawn Shoot' by Seamus Heaney and 'Lake Scene' by David Wright. The theme of these two poems is Man versus Nature.

'Dawn Shoot' by Seamus Heaney is a poem about two men, Heaney himself and his friend Donnelly, who go out at the break of dawn determined for a kill. They climb over an iron gate into a large field of broon, dew and gorse. The pair settled on their bellies, hidden behind a bunch of dead plants and awaited the animals return. When a fox came into view, Donnelly put his hand over Heaneys' barrel and told him that he had this one and shot it twice while Heaney finished it off.

After they had killed it, they strolled away leaving it lying in the open.

The theme of 'Dawn Shoot' is Man versus Nature, and this is shown throughout the poem in various ways.

The first of these is the way use of "military-like" language. The first example is shown in the very first line where it states, "Clouds ran their wet mortar, plastered the daybreak." This expression shows that it was a dull miserable, windy, thick grey morning and also that the men were determined to go out. In stanza one, line eight - line thirteen, there is a lot of use of military language. For example "The rails scored a bull's-eye into the eye of a bridge," suggesting that the men are looking into the distance and the rails of the bridge look like they are...