A day that changed my life

Essay by blitz-aceHigh School, 10th gradeA, April 2004

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It was the first week of high school. Summer passed by really fast and here I was waiting for the bell to ring. I wasn't really eager to be going back to school but at the same time I would get to see friends I hadn't seen during the whole summer. That day started out like any regular school day. He was sitting three desks ahead of mine, though I hadn't known it at first because the person in front of me had a head the size of Russia since I was the shortest kid in the class anyway with little view of the blackboard so I can't really blame the guy. I think it was just after lunch recess when I bumped into good ol' Sean. From what I had picked up just based on the way he went about things, the kid was about as meaningful as a log, though I didn't care.

I needed to make friends and he looked like he needed one too. I thought I was Don Corleone walking up to the kid, in fact, I felt and acted like Don Corleone everywhere I went even though I was 4 feet nothing and no more than 70 pounds. I was as confident and cocky as Muhammad Ali.

So I walked up to the kid and I asked him his name--even though I knew it already--but it was standard procedure. He introduced himself and I introduced myself and we had a little juvenile conversation until the teacher interrupted us to stop chatting. Over the next month, I discovered the kid Sean was some sort of quiet-genius who kept things to himself. Even test scores, if he got 90 percent, he'd tell you he got 70. That's just the way he was, but he'd always look...