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In the violent future of 2283, WW III is coming to a close. The New Order (A communistic government that has overthrown the US) proposes a new sport to distract the public from the horrors of WW III. This new sport is a free-for-all deathmatch in which contestants fight for survival. This new sport was to take place every year and the winner was to be made a hero. The winner of the next tournament would have to fight the current hero. It was the most watched sport of all time. Every tv was tuned to Deathmatch year after year. Warriors and Gladiators came from all over the globe came to the US every years to be crowned a hero. Many fell in the process. In the end there could only be one.

In a small rundown city of Epontie, Mandel lazily walked through the street. He was searching for so little scrap of food.

He had not eaten a day starving. He searched in garbage cans and dumpsters behind stores for rotten apple cores and crumbs of bread. All the while he searched he could not stop thinking about his past. How his brother went of to fight in the Deathmatch. He always remembered his face. A young boy of 23 he had won the tournament but lost the battle with the current hero. He watched the battle on tv as he saw his brother being beaten. He could not stop thinking of what mom would say if she saw this. The two boys were orphans. Their mother had been stabbed by a robber in the city. He could not stop thinking that his mother was watching it too. She could see her son, beaten and ragged. The Hero, Cavatch, had no mercy for him. He pulled no punches...