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The ability to delegate is an important skill that all managers should master. Whenutilized properly, delegation can save time and boost the morale of employees. A manager or supervisor position requires the ability to manage the workload and a team of employees. “Delegation involves working with an employee to establish goals, granting them sufficient authority and responsibility to achieve goals, often giving them substantial freedom in deciding how the goals, assessing their performance, addressing performance issues and/or rewarding their performance” ( I would like to discuss the skills associated with delegating; the advantages of delegating, and how delegating can be used more efficiently at my workplace.

The delegation process consists of five phases. They are preparing, planning, discussing, auditing, and appreciating. Preparing involves establishing the task that need to be accomplished and the person who will complete the task. The manager should choose a person who has the appropriate skills or the willingness to learn.

The manager should also pick an employee who they trust and who will do their best to complete the assignment. The second step is planning. The manager should meet with the employee and provide details concerning the task and ideas that the employee may have to streamline the process. The third step is discussing. Discussing involves reviewing the task objectives, the employee’s plan of action, potential obstacles that may delay the assignments completions, and the date the project should be completed. The manager or supervisor should take this time to ensure that the employee understands the task. Auditing is the fourth step of the delegation process. Auditing consists of the manager periodically monitoring the progress of the task. It is at this stage that the manager should address any unforeseen problems and offer suggestions to help resolve the problem. Appreciating is the final stage...