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Businesses are finding out that there is a great deal of stress and work to be able to make it out in what is called the 'real world'. Starting a business is not how it used to be, where people would have an idea to start a business and in two days; have the business up and running with one person working all of the duties. The duties include being; the accountant, employee, manager, human resource, and the secretary. There is a great deal of work in making a business run and now companies are so overwhelmed that they find themselves resorting to outside businesses to help them with the work and duties that were once thought would be able to be handled; such as, accounting and human resources. This resorting to and using third parties is called delegating.

Many companies now using third parties and/or are delegating managers to work with different departments by teams to accomplish goals and objectives.

According to, delegate means; "a person designated to act for or represent another or others". Not only are managers being appointed to delegate, but staff members and employees are being used more to help managers out. Delegation may be used in different ways and forms. It is found in large corporations and small business, schools, and other organizations.

In a sense delegation is a word for breaking the work up amongst others. Being that because companies and managers are being so consumed with other work that this is helping break up the work by using other means to help get everything accomplished. This not only breaks down the workload, but the stress that is involved. By using more than one person, this will save time and money. It will save time, because the one particular manager who was...