A description of the start of the COCA-COLA company.

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Coca-Cola is one of the most famous soda makers in the world, founded by Civil War Veteran, John Pemberton in 1886, this company's concentrates and syrups are used to produce more than 300 beverages in over 200 countries including Canada, Africa, and Korea.

While working at a local pharmacy in 1886 John Pemberton was searching for a cure for headaches, he formed several mixtures but only one stands out; that is the syrup he created for what we now call Coke. The syrup was later combined with carbonated water and sampled by pharmacy customers that thought highly of the new drink. Soon after, the drink was put up for sale at 5 cents a glass. Pemberton's bookkeeper Frank Robertson named the concoction Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola Company is now the world's leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. The company is based in Atlanta, Ga.

The company strives on its promise that says, "We exist to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business." The company is led by CEO and chairman of Coca-Cola's Board of Directors Douglas N. Daft.

Daft shaped the company into a #99 space on the Fortune 500. The company's revenue for 2001 was (in millions) $20,092 and its market value was $118,993. As the one of the leading drink companies in the world Coca-Cola strives to be the best in its class by appealing to all genders, races, and religions. These factors have made this company as great and powerful as it is today.