Descriptive essay about the first day of school.

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Megan Kaufmann

As the arctic cold rain drops sprinkled diagonally with my loose, flowing auburn hair, I splashed across the street to the bus stop. Although it was showery and very damp, I was happy about my upcoming day, the clouds were fluffy and dark grey, and there was a wonderful scent in the air, which perfumed of the spring morning.

Just as I strode across the street, the mustard tinted bus, filled with immature, junior high students pulled up beside me. I wasn't thrilled to be riding the bus, but it was either step onto the yellow, nightmare filled vehicle, or walk in the rain, so I quickly chose the bus. I selected a seat in the center of the bus, next to a small built looking girl in a purple sweater, plastic rimmed glasses, and navy jeans. The youngster had brunette short hair, and tiny diamond studded earrings shinning in her ears.

She smiled at me, looking at me in a way a puppy dog would. I could tell she wanted me to talk with her, but I had no intentions in making friends with a childish schoolgirl who probably could have been about age thirteen.

"Hi, I am Dominique" she said in a hyperactive way. "I am so happy that you sat with me; what is your name?"

I pretended to care, not wanting to be rude to the young girl I responded, "I am Megan, and truthfully I only sat with you because all of the other seats were filled." I did however find it interesting that this bizarre looking child was so frenzied in this time of the morning.

"My favorite animal is the dog, do you like dogs" she asked in a begging way, "I have three dogs. They are all German shepherds; those are my favorite kind of dogs."

As she spoke, I could smell her breathe, it smelling of uncleanness, and was filled with the stench of lucky charms and reeked of what I thought odored like toilet water. I was this time that I was thinking about her atrocious breathe, that I noticed around her neck, she wore a silver chain, and it had a charm of what appeared to be some kind of canine.

Not wanting to continue a conversation, I said; "No, I am not found of dogs." This of course was a lie.

At this point in our conversation, she got a horrible look, that reminded me of when I once ate a sour lemon. "What? How could you not like dogs?" she yelped loudly, people turned in embarrassment for her.

All of a sudden, the young girl started barking very piercingly. It was an awful yowl that echoed through each ear. I couldn't believe that this girl, who seemed sane, was barking at me because I didn't like dogs. Barking is a perfectly natural canine behavior. Birds sing; frogs croak; and a dog barks, whines and howls. This was the first time seeing a girl bark. Not sure what to do, I tried to ignore it, it seemed never ending, although it had only been going through my head for about forty seconds, I wanted to duck tape the girls mouth. She seemed to have a small mouth, it was decorated with a lip gloss that shimmered as she woofed, and it surprised me that so much noise could come out of such a small mouth.

It was about this time, that a miracle happened; I, out of the blue realized that we were arriving at the school. I could recognize the bulky, red bricked, structure that read *****ENTER YOUR SCHOOL NAME HERE ****. There were tiny pink flowers planted in a bed around little green bushes, and I had never seen such a beautiful sight. Maybe I enjoyed that moment in time in which I realized that I soon would be removed from this nightmare, but I unexpectedly wanted to be nowhere but inside the School.