Diary Of Anne Frank

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Diary Of Anne Frank External and Internal Conflicts E period During the first month that the Franks and the Van Daans are hiding in the secret annex there are many external and internal conflicts.

The large amount of time spent in the small amount of room mad Anne very hyper and energetic. Anne's first external conflict was with Peter. Anne rudely dresses up in Peter's clothes and obnoxiously mimics him. Peter did not take her game very lightly and immediately retaliated. Anne also consistently bickered with Mr. Van Daan. One time during their fight Anne accidentally spilt milk on Mrs. Van Daan's expensive coat. Anne also fought with her mother. They constantly fought about Anne's attitude toward the guests. Anne was compared to Margot during the argument, which struck a nerve in Anne.

Anne also suffered a myriad of internal conflicts. One of which was the fact that her imperfect behavior was constantly compared with Margot's perfect behavior.

Some other internal conflicts included when she was confused about her feelings on staying in the annex. She was defined them as strange. Anne was also upset with the way her mother treats her as a child.

Anne has had many conflicts but she has to put them behind her in order to get through the Holocaust.

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