Differences And Similarities Between John Glenn And Christopher Columbus

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World War ll, the guns, gas chambers, concentration camps, and many lives that were taken. Bring back many memories. The events have changed intensely over the years. Then again, some things will never change. Just see how things have changed and how tradition lives on as I explain the country before, after, and during the war.

To begin with, I'd like to explain the country before the war. The president then was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The country was in great depression before the war. Then when we went to war we were brought out of depression. I'm already beginning to see a change.

Next, I'd like to explain the country during the war. During this time the country had its major change. Also, women began working which was a change that would stay forever. The teenage girls were more sexually active because they thought their boyfriends might get killed and they'll never see them again.

As they still do now, the girls and women went crazy over male singers. Things would never be the same again.

Finally, I'd like to explain the country after the war. After the war the girls never went back to being prim proper, like they were before. The girls still try to grow up too fast and they try to act older than they really are, which isn't good at all. The women and girls still go crazy over male singers. Things went from cute little proper girls to wild and crazy women in the blink of an eye.

In conclusion, many changes have taken place since before the war until after. It has changed so much since before the war. Then you also see how things will never change. When the country went through a dramatic change it was never the same again. I hope one thing will change and that is that we'll never let a war like that occur. Never again.