Dimensions of Quality.

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Quality refers to the inherent or distinctive characteristics or properties of a person, object, process or other thing. Such characteristics or properties may set a person or thing apart from other persons or things, or may denote some degree of achievement or excellence.

Dimensions of quality is to actually use the dimensions to measure the quality of a particular product; the dimensions must be measurable characteristics. For example, you cannot measure the performance of an automobile directly. You have to develop a measurable characteristic for performance. One possible characteristic might be the time it takes to go from 0 to 60 mph. Another characteristic might be fuel efficiency. These can be measured.

Some various dimensions of quality are as follows:

- Performance - primary operating characteristics

Feature - additions/a little extra

- Reliability - probability of successful operation within a given time span

- Conformance - meeting pre-established standards

- Durability - length of usefulness, economically and technically

- Serviceability - speed, courtesy, competence, and ease of repair

Some of the dimensions which have been mentioned in the required reading are: Performance/Conformance: What the initial-quality survey does is measure how cars perform in the first 90 days of ownership; Durability: "Just because a vehicle performs well in initial quality, it may not perform as well in long-term durability, and vice versa," says J.D.

Power's Mr. Brian Walters, who supervises the initial-quality survey and another one that the firm does on problems in vehicles after four to five years on the road. The 1997 Isuzu Trooper SUV, for example, was a lackluster performer in initial quality but came in second in long-term durability in the latest reliability report, he says; Serviceability: The auto companies also spend millions of dollars fixing their factories and designs to try to improve their J.D. Power scores.