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Did you ever ask yourself if you would be happy living in your father's shoes? If you ever asked yourself that question, you probably would end up regretting not noticing everything your father does so much for you out of love, and that you blindly never even notice the love or return it with a simple thank you. Martinez Serros' "Distillation" and Hayden's "These Winter Sundays" both deal with a fatherly love, and how, despite a difficult life, fathers undergo pain yet sons don't fully appreciate it.

Both of these families seem to have a difficult life. As you can tell in the story "Distillation" The father of this story took his kids early in the morning to go to the dumpster. There type of transportation was a cart. They didn't have any money to own a car or even take the bus. The father had to pull them on a cart.

The way they made a living was to pick trash up at the dumpster. They had to search all day just for some food to eat. For the father in "These Winter Sundays" he had to work everyday, even on Sundays. The son's father had worked so hard that there was pain showing from his hands. The hands of the father's were cracked, and hurting. All from the work he had done so his family would have a fire lit in the morning.

Fathers have to suffer a lot for their children. The father in "Distillation" tends be like a hero to his children, taking all the hits of hail. The youngest son seemed to have had always looked up to him throughout the story because of the pain his father went through for

him. This father pulled his children in the harsh storm home,