Do Violent Video Games corrup the Youth? Answerd with both sides view.

Essay by jman14533 December 2002

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The question is do violent video games corrupt young mind, and if so should we ban them? Some say that the answer is yes, It has been proven that violent video games do affect the behavior of the youth,and yes it should be banned. The party that oposes this view says "It is proven that smoking affects your lungs, shouldn't we outlaw it also then. Very good response to the question at hand, but some say that smoking is a personal choice and you should know by now that it is going to affect your health and the people playing the violent games don't know that they are being affected by it they just assume that it is harmless fun. My view on this issue is if the child is not old enough to distinguish fact from fiction, good from bad, then the child shouldn't be playing games in the first place because even if the game is Mario Brothers, something could influence the child and he might go out and hit his head on bricks or something .

I know this is a serous matter and it is not to be joked about but frankly that is the case everything we see or do influences us on our next action, that is for sure parents would notice this because after a child has been around another friend he seems a little different than he was when he left because he has observed other peoples life style and feels the need to addapt to it. It is somewhat like the theory of evolution small changes over a period of time, But back to the issue do violent games corrupt. Well the answer isn't yes or no it is all in how the child interprets the information being processed by the...