I Don't Know

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This is an essay about "I don't know." Let's see know do you need more lines in order to think that this is an essay. Fine, I will provide you with more essay lines, so you can get your credit too. I do not like writing at all. This semester, 2001, I am graduating and I have no time to write an essay or even do anthing else. I like to read though. I do not know if you care or not, but I love reading and I plan to read for the rest of my life. In fact, I wouldn't mind reading and reading and reading again and again and send my life just reading and doing nothing else but reading. Sounds weird, but I am weird. I still have to type up more stuff so I can get the paper that I need and avoid paying $5.

I am really really cheap. I hate to pay for useless stuff and like I said I do not have a full-time job as of yet. Ok. I need to write some more. This a waste of time, but I will see if it is worth it. Actually, I am practicing my typing skills. That is awesome. In 2 weeks, I will be graduating and then I will move on with a new begining. Come to think about it, my first and first mission is complete. I have more goals in life, but I know that it will take a little longer to complete those, but for now, I feel a little exacted.