I Don't Want Temporary Fate (Poem)

Essay by METALGOD42088 March 2007

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I don't want it

That kind of feeling

The fake harsh scratching at your palm

Leaving your destined to become to routine to it all

Desensitized by your blinding actions

You do it again

Losing yourself once more

To never see the end

If only the world werent soo cruel

And love had its way

Maybe then again

I'd live to see another day

But the world is cruel

And we all had our part

But maybe i didnt

Maybe my heart..

My heart feels different

Than from yours or his

That my heart wants to get away

From the show and the biz

No temporary fix

No fake loveless loss

I want the real thing

Don't heed me with cost

I'd do it all

To have the responsibility

Of having to love somebody

Till i can no longer breathe

But then again what is breathing?

But merely not being alive

For breathing can be done

Without love you will die

Dont give me that fake fix

That fix of it all

Your worldly possessions

Mean nothing...so


So small are your thoughts

Can't you see what its done

Taking the easy way out

When love is number 1

I'd give it all for that chance

To show a girl how

How a man should love a woman

And to my knees i would bow

Walk by her side

In moon and light

Touch her tender face

Kiss her morning bright

But she doesn't exist

At least not for now

But your temporary fix does

But I don't want it... now here, not now, not ever

Screw you and your fix

I want the real thing

Fake emotions

Never did like that ring

Ringing in my ear

Of how suffocated it can be

When love finally hits you

Your too...