Dream of A Princess

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A peaceful white gown for her upon the bed layas he directed to her a jewelry of perfect shade.

To accompany her shall be him as he maywho acted upon himself a person by her enslaved.

"By thy name princess where shall we go?" He asked.

An owner's look as she turned with her necklace she flashed"The ball of course. Not so why bother prepare much?Powerful, he was silenced by an explanation as plain as such.

Together they went looking perfectly alignedto his left her image very well dignifiedas to other guests their glamorous can't be deniedby her face so beautiful while his so defined.

The owner who invited them puzzled in surpriseat the sight of the couple so well matchedthat shall a chick in its shell still yet hatchedwill ecstatically jump out with praiseful words it cries:"Princess my dear how elegant are you todaythat no words are worth enough for me to sayyour beauty shines with unlimited rayto break through even the darkest of dark clay!!"In they went and out the drinks displayedwith all sorts of food upon the table placed in array.

Not a tip of her finger touched the juice brought to herby her prince whose emotions still a blur.

"Seems like you understand me quite well?"She asked as she sipped from the glass, so clear.

"In fact, too well that even I sometimes fear.

Is'tis an area only you can excel?""My princess I daren't say sofor your feelings a crystal ball always glow.

In an effort I might admit to myselfthat I sometimes might need all your help.""What kind of help perhaps you questionbut a one without further suggestionnone other than sometimes you might be kindto release your feelings to me, the blind.""Such words of modest by you can only be utteredto the point that I'm quite flatteredby the description of an object so obscurethat to me your words proven so allure.""Oh did I perchance the pleasure to you be charmed?Mind me not for all I said a feeling deeply honestThat shall it be displayed none to you the harmand none by all means the slightest hint of being modest .""Very well thank you to your praisebut there is no time between us to raisefor the dance is soon about to startand perhaps to each our own we might part.""If so I shall reluctantly from you departfor whoever in her eyes may wishedthe dance from the bottom of my heartI can't refuse such an enjoyment so blessed?""Indeed you may do as you righteously desiredbut when the time passed and I'm quite tiredyou do understand your obligation to meescorting back to our palace when in need?""Definitely obliged even without such a reminderbut I'm happy to me you have been kinderto deliver such a feeling of need for meeven only an escort I shall jump in glee.""From all your actions I'm quite confused.

Are you so kind in your attitudebecause it's your duty to watch my mood?However if there is indeed another reasonso that be it like the mountain covering the sunlet my feeling to its utmost be amused.""I'm afraid my princess I cannot obeyfor the initiation of the ball is not for me to sayand now that we are short in both patience and timelet us enjoy the ball held so sublime."Without further ado the princess was quickly leadby a young gentleman of fine race who pleadfor her hand to the middle of the dance floorexpecting the gentleman's dance skill not to be poor.

Paying attention not much to her prince at the doorshe portrayed her skill that was in storedand slightly amused by her acting so grandeureven cannot his jealousy he endured.

As if in need for her feelings similarhe couldn't help the desire to ask anotherwho looked incomparable to her but stillher look was one that to men could kill.

Swiftly as if accustomed to such an acthead bent, hand extended, a smile so charmingas if the unspoken desire to dance was a factand so his hand she accepted without much alarming.

A bump here and a bump thereas they encountered each other with another in handdespite the chance of people around might sneerat the sight of each neither elegant nor bland.

Finally the sound of music ceasedand even though none of four might be pleasedthe idea of one's partner given to anothercannot because of them be deferred.

Hand in hand atlas his princess he heldgiven the opportunity he happily to her be gelledand because of such an outcome she looked awayas the sound of music began to play.

"You looked so out of it should I say... hello?Why do you look so amused my fellow?"The princess asked as she gave up her pridefor no matter what her feelings she couldn't hide.

"Aren't you happy my darling princess?Do you not like me to look so mellowor do you prefer the me so emotionless?Please endow upon me the answer so vaguefor I am quite despite myself slowand with confusion I shall be forever plagued.""Do you give me the power to control your feeling?"Her eyes looked so daring with control she repliedand from the corner of his pupil he eyedher growing pride that reached beyond the ceiling.

"My feeling might not be under my powerbut I can assure you it isn't as high as a towerso that you may be rest assuredfor your previous statement I long ago concurred."Blushed, her face looked without avoidanceresulted not from the applaud of audiencebut from the presence of a person so nearthat his charms she must acknowledge quite dear.

The answer came too fast without much strugglingforcing our dear princess to fly out from the buildingand behind her the prince rushed throughas the wind and the leaves above slightly blew.

Like a princess from ubiquitous knowledgeknown to children from pre-k to collegeher glass slipper accidentally faltered behindceasing her steps ceasing her mind.

He kneeled down in front a manner so suaveas her foot on his lap and her slipper his palman act not so difficult yet sometimes only for the braveas he carefully returned to her sole the slipper it belonged.

"Do you realize such an act can be misunderstanding?What others might think as to you kneelingwhile I standing here not even struggling?Or do you even mind such a thing?""My princess may I ask you a question?"With no response yet no rejection he continued,"Do you not understand a man's actionwhen he kneeled down disregarding his prideby any means no act that of a gentlemanmight it only be an exception to his bridesurely you a princess cannot be without a clue?""Is this your definition of a perfect proposal?"With no response yet no rejection she continued,"Do you not understand a woman's dreamby any means not from any man so shrewdbut an action like yours truly it did beamright through the deepest layer of my heartthat shall I ever reject you I will be in dismal."Her smile, an acceptance of his feelinghe closed his eyes and his lips he nearedto touch a hand so white like crystal clearand above and beyond the birds joyously singa hymn filled with happy feelings no lessthan the dream of a charming princess.