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Some say that dreams are reflections of our previous daily activities; others

say that dreams are just dreams, whereas few also believe that dreams are not just dreams but goes beyond just dreaming. In many at times dreams are also interpreted as an avenue for us to see, feel and experience what is about to happen to us in the nearest time or future. In this regard I will say therefore that dreams are both reflections of daily social actions as well as the avenue where we begin to experience the things that will befall us.

There are times when after one had previously, say during day light done some things which perhaps could be described as "over-exciting", propels ones slumber to be equally excited, in that case one is surely bound to dream and in most cases, such a person usually speaks out in his or her dreams.

This is usually the case with children; and adults are not left out here. What is even more is, in the other type of dreams, where we find ourselves in a different world and we see that things are rather totally variant. In this world what is not in this immediate world is already happening. American society of the past century was an epitome of slave owning society which graduated to a society of racial discrimination. Even during the time of Martin Luther King jnr., this racial discrimination persisted, yet he had a dream. This means he slept the previous night and found out in his dream that things where not the same any more, before he even had to say it to the American people that "I have a dream, that one day ,black children and white children will be in the same school"

However, sometimes some people do...