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Clothing is important on how others perceive us. It affects our views on our confidence and ourselves. In any business setting the most important garment for both men and women is the suit. Wearing a suit immediately conveys authority, credibility, and likeability qualities that are critical in business interactions. Different positions, companies, and different parts of the world have different dress codes. Keep in mind the importance of wearing conservative close to the office that's clean and well tailored. Throughout this speech, I will inform everyone on the correct way to dress for business.

Men should wear suits that are solid colors like black, gray, or blue. Men can also wear pinstriped suits. The preferred material of the suit it wool, or polyester that looks like wool. The darker the suit, the more authority it carries.

Mens shirts are also important. Shirts should be white, pale blue, or have modest strips.

To avoid a certain gangster look men should avoid wearing darker shirts than their suits. This means no black shirts with black or gray suits.

Men also have to wear a tie. For ties, discreet stripes, polka dots, and club ties are all right; they should never vary from the basic colors. And ties should be appropriate lengths, not to short or to long. The best length is just below the bottom of the belt buckle. The most important piece of clothing for a mens suit is a tie. But absolutely the best tie you can afford preferably silk. Another thing to keep in mind is appropriate shoes. Leather shoes are preferred. Make sure that you keep your shoes clean and scuff free. Women have to dress very conservatively for the office. This consists of a suit that has a skirt and a jacket. Pants are still too casual...