Drug Courts

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Drug courts have been argued about ever since they came about. In this advertisement, the Common Sense for Drug Policy is trying to make citizens aware of drug courts and their lack of effectiveness. Due to Drug Courts being relatively new, the CSDP is claiming that the research on the courts effectiveness' isn't close to being complete, and there are many issues concerning their ability to effectively handle and treat drug users works. The ad also claims that drug courts have been using mandatory treatment, which isn't always the case for what is needed for specific drug users. CSPD believes that by opening more drug courts, the legal system is moving further and further away from the traditional ways of dealing with drug users. In turn, the ad suggests that we should all come together to "mitigate potential harm."� (CSDP, Drug Courts) What the ad is trying to do is to get into the minds of the citizens and make them recognize the concerns with drug courts, and our society.

With the list of concerns laid out for the citizen a person will be able to form an opinion on the information presented to them from the ad.

While analyzing this piece I can see that a lot of what CSDP is saying makes sense and does a good job of giving rational information to the citizen. As a citizen and reading the new information, I am going to look to see if the organization does a good job of backing up their claims with sufficient evidence and reasoning. While reading I am able to see that all of the claims have been made in a reasonable manner. Yet, I find it rather hard to locate any part of the ad that proves that the Common Sense for Drug...