Duties and Responsibilities of Project Managers

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Project Managers are responsible for various types of projects. Project managers may be responsible for one project or several projects at once. Duties vary according to the type and scope of the project. Three basic duties involved with most projects include: planning, overseeing, and measurement of project. In addition to all the duties required of the project manager, adaptability is an important component.

Establishing a timeline is part of the planning phase. This must be accomplished in conjunction with management and various individuals responsible for components of the project. Depending on what a type of project the manager is working with, this could also involve consulting with the customer and taking into consideration their requirements. Planning a project often involves establishing policies and procedures to guide the project.

Overseeing the project includes duties such as project development, on-going planning, budgeting, reporting, and directing staff involved. Project development begins with the planning phase and continues through the end of the project.

The project manager is responsible to see that the project is completed timely, to specifications, and within budget. A project manager needs to be an individual who can keep the project on track and make changes in various areas as needed. The project manager may be responsible for hiring and evaluating staff. Meetings are often held with involved staff to evaluate progress and ensure that the project is being completed according to specifications. Reports may be required from staff, and may be used as the basis for reports that are prepared for management by the project manager.

Criteria established in the initial planning phase are used to measure the project. Measurements include meeting deadlines, specifications, and quality control. Quality controls are important to all projects. Measurements and quality control are a demonstration of the success of the project.

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