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IntroductionEducation and e-business both have come a long way from the days of a television in a classroom. With regard to education and the current e-business influences working within this time-worn establishment, the e-learning model of today is nothing like its earlier versions, which made the effort to reproduce ground based knowledge. In the beginning of this venture, technology was being used to create a comparable setting to brick-and-mortar schools. The premise was to attempt to bring students into a recognizable classroom environment that offered lessons and instruction much like a bricks-and-mortar university.

Presently, the aspect has taken on a whole new direction, as the current models of new e-learning systems look to develop education into something vastly dissimilar from their antecedent brick-and-mortar institutions. Technologies have evolved expanding the reach and depth of e-business in education. The e-business technology of today is being used to fashion a student population that lets fellow scholars network with one another communally, empowering them to forge a joint venture in e-learning that is guided by teachers, as opposed to the teacher leading the way.

(Engelbrecht, 2003).

Education is one of the fastest growing e-businesses in the current marketplace. A multitude of universities and colleges are now offering a myriad of courses online. Many types of advantageous possibilities exist within this still burgeoning industry. Partially because of these new opportunities, many online schools are also facing increased competition from their brick-and-mortar counterparts. These more traditional schools have started to comprehend the convenience and value that is provided to students by the offer of online schooling. Marketing practices have also evolved, as each type of entity vies for the patronage of the student of the new millennium.

Contrasts and comparisons from different models interacting in the marketplace help to spur productive efforts, such as customer satisfaction...