"Eagle"- a descriptive prose I wrote for my English class

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A pair of sharp piercing eyes, a pair of might broad wings, a pair of spiky clenching claws, and a crooked beak. It's a brown-coated eagle that appeared in my eyes as I glanced into the deep blue sky. Soaring up high in the sky and piercing through the air solitarily. It circled around the tall, steep cliffs, gazing on the ground with its fierce and piercing eyes.

Down on the ground, a small bunny hoped swiftly from one bush into another. How innocent and sweet it was. Abruptly, an acute cry from the eagle high above disrupted the placid sky, I looked up once again, and the eagle holds back its strong wings and thrusted itself, plunged downwards towards the ground like a crashing plane. The little bunny by its instincts scurried to a rock for cover. Just in a matter of a split-second, the eagle arrived right above the bunny, stopped abruptly, and outstretched its strong claws and clenched onto the bunny’s tender body. As fast as lightning, it soars back towards the blue sky victoriously with its prey, lands on a cliff and starts its meal.

The cute bunny called out its last helpless cry, glanced at me. I fell sorry for it deeply in my heart, but I couldn’t do anything to help it. I witness its final breath as the eagle stabs straight into the bunny’s neck with its knife-like beak. My heart is filled with pity but my strong curiosity allows me to observe the stonehearted assassin’s ruthless acts.

It impaled its beak into the bunny’s body mercilessly and repeatedly, cutting and hacking its body and bowels as it swallow the bloody flesh. Blood gushed from the bunny’s body crimsoned it. Its body is tore into fragments by the eagle. Eventually I...