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The best way to describe what has happened in our society over the past one hundred years would be to call it an explosion. Modern technology has not only made an over night entrance into our personal lives but has also changed the way we go about our daily tasks. Technological advancements have greatly convenienced our life but at the same time can shorten it. Many conveniences such as television which provides hours of baby sitting for a fee as small as $24.99 a month for basic cable and cellular phones which keep you in touch with anyone at whatever time you please, have taken over our society to an extent where most people can not function without these technologies. The only problem is the negative effects they can have on us; television teaches our children that violence, meaningless sex and the "gangster culture" is all things that one should grow accustomed to and strive towards.

Cellular phones though convenient can cause brain damage and life threatening diseases trough the radiation they send while you are operating them.

In 1875 Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone; it was not too long after that the Bell Telephone Company came out with an invention that amazed us all. In 1924 the first cell phones were invented and placed inside New York City police cars. These phones were big and almost unbreakable. Very different from the cell phones you see on our streets today. However there is one thing in common between the modern cell phone and its grandfather, the amount of radiation transmitted through it. Cellular phones send radiofrequency signals to a near by tower or satellite which then re-directs it to its recipient, these signals are very powerful and contain a high volume of radiation. The Swedish National Institute for...